We can have an intention around an action an endeavor we undertake, for however our life unfolds in any given moment, understanding however that we have no control over the eventual outcome of that intention… it will be what it will be, or another way to put that would be to say God’s will…..will be done on earth as it is in heaven… matter what.

We are all compelled in the end to play out our part, our karma, in homage to the one love that has no beginning nor end and governs all things. We are, in this process supporting the universe in its creation of a love beyond all known measure and our part in that movement. That is what the universe ultimately, and most assuredly is wanting to create in every which

This is what destiny means to me….that we are assisting the universe in its creative process. In doing so each of us is assigned a pre-destined path that we call our….. destiny, that cultivates that garden of creativity.

Out of our humanity though and our perceived separateness and the suffering that causes we have learned to have preferences that need to happen we think in order for us to be happy and, when they do not happen we are sad…it is most helpful then to not have any preferences as to how things should look in order to be happy and to understand there is a bigger picture at play in all things… welcome to the dance, may you choose your partner carefully.

'It is said that the great way is not difficult for those who have no preferences, make the slightest distinction however and heaven and earth are set infinitely apart'…….so with the best intentions we surrender to the destiny we all are set to fulfill in whatever direction it takes us, in each and every moment, laying it all down with great courage and faith at the Masters feet.

Nigel Lott