Meditation Sans Frontieres is a Non-Profit 501(c)3 and Registered Charity organization that provides meditations and other healing services to humanity in prisons, schools, treatment centers, retirement homes, first responders, hospitals, downtown shelters, in facilitating spiritual transformation, healing and lasting change.

Nigel Lott is an example of far reaching change, his transformation and knowledge come out of original experience and the equanimity that he now exhibits. Among all the people that I have known, Nigel has traveled the furthest. He has a way of framing internally as his language implies and, defines the terms of the larger mechanism that governs everyones lives, every intelligence, and the larger growing understanding and mapping of what the universe is creating. Paul Richards, The Sente Center, Ashland, Oregon.

"Essentially there isn't anything I teach, offer that you do not already know, deep within your own being. My mission is to assist you in uncovering that which is already there within you. In offering a sublime movement toward truth for the benefit of all sentient beings that they may awaken to their own sense of equanimity born out of their hearts longing for peace and discovering the one true nature that is in us all, and has been all along". Nigel Lott

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Nigel Lott